User Manual

Click the following link for a copy of the user manual in PDF format: Columbia Basin Water Hub User Manual

Water Hub Data Management

Water Hub Framework and Data Management Plan

Water Hub Data Grading System

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Instructional Videos and Webinars

Below is a collection of video tutorials and webinars that demonstrate how to best access and use the Columbia Basin Water Hub. We also host “Office Hours” once a week. Contact us to find out more.

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Information Handout

For an overview of the Columbia Basin Water Monitoring Collaborative and Columbia Basin Water Hub, see the following PDF: Columbia Basin Water Hub Handout

Provincial Water Data Standards

The Province of British Columbia has developed standard methods for data sampling and analysis. While it is not necessary for data included on the Water Hub to meet these standards, they are a good reference for organizations wanting to develop monitoring procedures. Below you can find links to the Standards documents provided by the Province.

Water Quantity: Manual of British Columbia Hydrometric Standards.

Water Quality: Continuous Water-Quality Sampling Programs: Operating Procedures.

Other Sources of Data

The Water Hub aims to provide links to data available from other databases, but cannot guarantee that all water data pertinent to the Columbia Basin will be available through our site. Below you can find other data sources for federal, provincial, and other kinds of databases. Please contact us if you gave any recommendations for this list.

Federal Databases:

Provincial Databases:

Other Important Databases

Additional Resources