Rosen Lake Foreshore Inventory Mapping Open

This dataset contains the accessible data and reports for the FIMP survey carried out in Rosen Lake in 2010. The Rosen Lake shoreline is approximately 5,440 m long and is dominated by a vegetated shore, mud substrates and a mixture of urban and high density recreation land uses. All areas of the Rosen Lake foreshore, except for a small vegetated island at the northern end of the lake, exhibit a high level of impact due to a high level of urbanization. Numerous docks, retaining walls, and substrate modifications were observed along the foreshore of Rosen Lake. However, some small wetland and marsh areas were observed along the main lakeshore as well as along the uninhabited island at the north end. Overall, the AHI analysis for Rosen Lake ranked the main lakeshore as low, whereas the island contained very high value habitats.

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Data Collection Organization Amec Earth and Environmental Limited
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Citation Lawrence, C. Porto, L. O'Neil, E. Lavis, C. Rosen Lake Foreshore Inventory and Mapping, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessment and Shoreline Management Guideline. November 2010. Prepared for East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership
Dataset Upload Year 2021
Start Date 2010-01-01
End Date 2010-12-31
Funding Description Funding and/or in kind donations and support for this project provided by Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ministry of Environment, Canadian Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Commission, Regional District of East Kootenay
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Brief description of location Shores of Rosen Lake
Latitude 49.3992
Longitude -115.256