Upper Joker Lake (JOK01)

Lake level and temperature data from Upper Joker Lake. A level logger and barometric logger were installed from August 10th - September 27th, 2022. Loggers tracked level and temperature at 15-minute intervals. Solinst M5 3001 level loggers and M1.5 3001 barologger.

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Field Value
Dataset Collection Organization Living Lakes Canada
Dataset Steward Email cbwaterhub@livinglakescanada.ca
Dataset Citation Heather Shaw. (2022). Upper Joker Lake (JOK01) [Data set]. Columbia Basin Water Hub. https://doi.org/10.48511/2scr-j512
Dataset Upload Year 2023
Dataset Earliest Record Start Date 2022-08-11
Dataset Latest Record End Date 2022-09-27
Dataset Funding Description This data collection was made possible with the support of the following funders: The Ministry of BC, the Alpine Club of Canada and Valhalla Mountain Touring.
Dataset Data Disclaimer No warranty or guarantee exists that the information is accurate, complete, current, or suitable for any purpose. The individual user must confirm the accuracy of the data and whether it will be appropriate for their purpose.
Other Data Sources Data was QA/QC'd by MacHydro Consultants Ltd.
Brief description of dataset location This data was collected at Upper Joker Lakes in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, B.C. The lake sits at 2013 masl and is situated in the Engelmann Spruce- Subalpine fir (ESSF) biogeoclimatic zone. It is fed by snow and glacier melt, and fish species are present - Likely cutthroat trout, however, fish species was not determined. There are stocking records available on the B.C water body query webpage. Upper Joker Lake is dark green in colour, and Lower Joker Lake, which sits slightly below and is less than 1km away, is bright turquoise. Lower Joker receives more runoff from Kokanee glacier, hence the colour difference.
Dataset Type Lake
Dataset Keywords Glaciers,High Elevation,Hydrology,Water temperature,Lentic,Lake
Dataset Latitude 49.771872
Dataset Longitude -117.138017
Dataset DOI https://doi.org/10.48511/2scr-j512
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